Welcome to the McIntyre League 2024 Season

Host Club Clydebank & District GC


The McIntyre League was formed in 1949 when Jack McIntyre presented a trophy to be played for between clubs in the Dunbartonshire area. The participating clubs in the League are Cardross, Clober, Clydebank & District, Clydebank Overtoun, Dumbarton, Helensburgh and Vale of Leven.

A Junior League was introduced in 1973 and a trophy was presented by local trade unionist Jimmie Reid.

A Veterans League was formed and the first match was played in 1979. The participating teams at that time were Cardross, Clober, Clydebank & District, Dumbarton, Helensburgh and Vale of Leven. In 1986 other clubs applied for membership and were welcomed into the Veterans League. They were: Balmore, Douglas Park, Dullatur, Hayston, Hilton Park, Kirkintilloch, Lenzie, Milngavie and Windyhill. The entry of Bearsden in 1987 brought the number up to 16 which was considered to be a maximum. The league is now known as the Seniors League since 1999.

The 5/8 Knock-out competition was also started in 1979 to be played for by players who were on the fringe of playing for the scratch team.

The 5/8 Knockout League was changed in 2023 to The McIntyre Knockout League with the handicap allowance changing from 5/8 to 4/8.

1976DumbartonClydebank Overtoun    
1978Cardross & DumbartonHelensburgh    
1979DumbartonHelensburghClydebank Overtoun  Helensburgh
1980CloberCardrossClydebank Overtoun  Cardross
1981DumbartonDumbartonClydebank & Dist  Cardross / VOL
1982DumbartonClydebank & DistVale of Leven  Vale of Leven
1983Clydebank & Dist.DumbartonCardross  Vale of Leven
1984Clydebank & Dist.Clydebank & DistClydebank Overtoun  Vale of Leven
1985DumbartonDumbartonHayston  Kirkintilloch
1986CardrossCardrossClydebank Overtoun  Cardross
1987DumbartonCardrossKirkintilloch  Milngavie
1988CardrossCardrossClober  Cardross
1989DumbartonCardrossClydebank Overtoun Clydebank & DistCardross
1990DumbartonClydebank OvertounCardross DumbartonCardross / H’burgh
1991Clydebank & Dist.Vale of LevenDumbarton CardrossHelensburgh
1992Vale of LevenClydebank & DistPalacerigg CardrossCardross
1993DumbartonClydebank OvertounVale of LevenCloberCardrossDullatur
1994DumbartonVale of LevenDumbartonDumbartonDumbartonDullatur
1995DumbartonClydebank & DistVale of LevenDumbartonHelensburghHilton Park
1996CardrossCardrossVale of LevenClydebank & DistHelensburghCardross
1997CardrossCardrossDumbartonClydebank & Dist Milngavie
1998CardrossCardrossVale of LevenClydebank & Dist Milngavie
2000CardrossClydebank OvertounDumbartonCardrossDumbartonVale of Leven
2001CardrossDumbartonVale of LevenCloberVale of LevenDullatur
2002Clydebank & DistClydebank & DistVale of LevenCloberDumbartonHilton Park
2003CardrossHelensburghClydebank & DistCardross Hayston
2004Clydebank OvertounHelensburghKirkintillochVale of LevenVale of LevenMilngavie
2005CardrossVale of LevenVale of LevenHelensburghCardrossMilngavie
2006DumbartonHelensburghClydebank & DistCloberCloberHilton Park
2007OvertounCardrossClydebank & DistCloberHelensburghMilngavie
2008CardrossCloberDumbartonHelensburghClydebank & DistHelensburgh
2009HelensbughCardrossClydebank & DistrictVale of LevenCloberMilngavie
2011CardrossDumbartonClydebank & DistCardrossVale of levenDullatur
2012CardrossCardrossDumbartonVale Of LevenCardrossWindyhill
2013Vale of LevenCloberVale Of LevenDumbartonCardrossMilngavie
2014CardrossVale Of LevenVale Of LevenDumbartonOvertounHilton Park
2015Vale Of levenCloberDumbartonCloberCloberMilngavie
2016Vale Of levenClydebank & DistClydebank & DistClydebank & DistCardrossDullatur
2017Clober  HaystonDumbartonCloberHayston
2018Clydebank & Dist Kilsyth LennoxVale Of levenHelensburghMilngavie

Clydebank & Dist

 HaystonVale Of Leven       Balmore

Clydebank & Dist

 The Carrick  Helensburgh

Clydebank & Dist

 Hilton Park  Hayston

Clydebank & Dist

 Helensburgh CardrossDullatur
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