Welcome to the McIntyre League 2019 Season

Host Club Dumbarton


The McIntyre League was formed in 1949 when Jack McIntyre presented a trophy to be played for between clubs in the Dunbartonshire area. The participating clubs in the League are Cardross, Clober, Clydebank & District, Clydebank Overtoun, Dumbarton, Helensburgh and Vale of Leven.

A Junior League was introduced in 1973 and a trophy was presented by local trade unionist Jimmie Reid.

A Veterans League was formed and the first match was played in 1979. The participating teams at that time were Cardross, Clober, Clydebank & District, Dumbarton, Helensburgh and Vale of Leven. In 1986 other clubs applied for membership and were welcomed into the Veterans League. They were: Balmore, Douglas Park, Dullatur, Hayston, Hilton Park, Kirkintilloch, Lenzie, Milngavie and Windyhill. The entry of Bearsden in 1987 brought the number up to 16 which was considered to be a maximum. The league is now known as the Seniors League since 1999.

The 5/8 Knock-out competition was also started in 1979 to be played for by players who were on the fringe of playing for the scratch team.

 Year Scratch League  Junior League  5/8 knock out  Past Captains Challenge Trophy Seniors League
1974 Cardross Helensburgh      
1975 Cardross Clober      
1976 Dumbarton Clydebank Overtoun      
1977 Cardross Helensburgh      
1978 Cardross & Dumbarton Helensburgh      
1979 Dumbarton Helensburgh Clydebank Overtoun    Helensburgh
1980 Clober Cardross Clydebank Overtoun    Cardross
1981 Dumbarton Dumbarton Clydebank & Dist    Cardross / VOL
1982 Dumbarton Clydebank & Dist Vale of Leven    Vale of Leven
1983 Clydebank & Dist. Dumbarton Cardross    Vale of Leven
1984 Clydebank & Dist. Clydebank & Dist Clydebank Overtoun    Vale of Leven
1985 Dumbarton Dumbarton Hayston    Kirkintilloch
1986 Cardross Cardross Clydebank Overtoun    Cardross
1987 Dumbarton Cardross Kirkintilloch    Milngavie
1988 Cardross Cardross Clober    Cardross
1989 Dumbarton Cardross Clydebank Overtoun   Clydebank & Dist  Cardross
1990 Dumbarton Clydebank Overtoun Cardross   Dumbarton Cardross / H’burgh
1991 Clydebank & Dist. Vale of Leven Dumbarton   Cardross Helensburgh
1992 Vale of Leven Clydebank & Dist Palacerigg   Cardross Cardross
1993 Dumbarton Clydebank Overtoun Vale of Leven Clober Cardross Dullatur
1994 Dumbarton Vale of Leven Dumbarton Dumbarton Dumbarton Dullatur
1995 Dumbarton Clydebank & Dist Vale of Leven Dumbarton Helensburgh Hilton Park
1996 Cardross Cardross Vale of Leven Clydebank & Dist Helensburgh Cardross
1997 Cardross Cardross Dumbarton Clydebank & Dist   Milngavie
1998 Cardross Cardross Vale of Leven Clydebank & Dist   Milngavie
1999 Cardross Cardross Helensburgh Dumbarton Dumbarton Milngavie
2000 Cardross Clydebank Overtoun Dumbarton Cardross Dumbarton Vale of Leven
2001 Cardross Dumbarton Vale of Leven Clober Vale of Leven Dullatur
2002 Clydebank & Dist Clydebank & Dist Vale of Leven Clober Dumbarton Hilton Park
2003 Cardross Helensburgh Clydebank & Dist Cardross   Hayston
2004 Clydebank Overtoun Helensburgh Kirkintilloch Vale of Leven Vale of Leven Milngavie
2005 Cardross Vale of Leven Vale of Leven Helensburgh Cardross Milngavie
2006 Dumbarton Helensburgh Clydebank & Dist Clober Clober Hilton Park
2007 Overtoun Cardross Clydebank & Dist Clober Helensburgh Milngavie
2008 Cardross Clober Dumbarton Helensburgh Clydebank & Dist Helensburgh
2009 Helensbugh Cardross Clydebank & District Vale of Leven Clober Milngavie
2010 Dumbarton Cardross Overtoun Cardross Dumbarton Helensburgh
2011 Cardross Dumbarton Clydebank & Dist Cardross Vale of leven Dullatur
2012 Cardross Cardross Dumbarton Vale Of Leven Cardross Windyhill
2013 Vale of Leven Clober Vale Of Leven Dumbarton Cardross Milngavie
2014 Cardross Vale Of Leven Vale Of Leven Dumbarton Overtoun Hilton Park
2015 Vale Of leven Clober Dumbarton Clober Clober Milngavie
2016 Vale Of leven Clydebank & Dist Clydebank & Dist Clydebank & Dist Cardross Dullatur
 2017  Clober    Hayston  Dumbarton  Clober  Hayston
2018  Clydebank & Dist    Kilsyth Lennox  Vale Of Leven  Helensburgh  Milngavie
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