Constitution of the McIntyre League

  • The League shall be designated ”The McIntyre League”.  All matches arranged in the League shall be played under match play rules.  Winning clubs shall retain the respective trophy for one year.
  • Clubs will be admitted to membership by the decision of the committee of representatives.  The committee of representatives consists of the seven member clubs two nominated representatives.
  • The seven member clubs consist of Cardross G.C., Clober G.C., Clydebank & District G.C., Clydebank Overtoun G.C., Dumbarton G.C, Helensburgh G.C. and Vale of Leven G.C
  • Office bearers will be:-
  • a) Honorary President
  • b) President
  • c) Vice-President
  • d) Secretary

A Honorary Secretary shall be appointed annually

Each club shall nominate two representatives to attend at all meetings.Voting will be on the basis of one vote per club.

Five voting members  clubs present shall form a quorum.

The committee of representatives shall have the power to make such regulations and constitutional changes as are necessary on all pertinent matters.  Voting on constitutional changes will only take place if the member clubs are given advanced notice of proposals along with any General Meeting notice.

The Secretary shall call representatives to the Annual General Meeting on the first Thursday in December or to a Special General Meeting, if requested by two member clubs

The winner of trophies will/can be presented at the winning clubs Annual Presentation Dance.

The foregoing shall form the constitution of the McIntyre League and may not be altered or added to except at an Annual or Special General Meeting.  A quorum should not be less than five member clubs in attendance and  a simple majority to vote in favour of  any proposal for acceptance.  If voting is tied then the status quo will remain.

Rules of the Scratch League

Amended 12/12/17

Each club will play every other club once per season (home and away in alternative years).

Points will be awarded as follows:-

8 points will be available for each match played, home and away

1 point awarded for each game won, home and away and half a point for a draw.

A team will consist of 8 players with 2 reserves in attendance, optional

Team representatives will exchange match lists prior to the start of each match.

Home teams will reserve the tee for a period of one hour and games will start at 17.30 hours and all games will Tee-off in that period.

The rules of golf supplemented by local rules will apply.

Matches postponed due to unplayable conditions must be played as soon as possible after the postponement.  Rescheduled matches can be played on any day.

In the event of a tie in points, a count back of games won at (AWAY) will decide the winner of the League.  If games won at home are tied a play off at a neutral venue shall decide the League winner.

If a player is a member of two clubs he must nominate which club he will play for and only play for that club in any one season.

The foregoing rules may be altered or added to by the committee of representatives (see para. 7 of the constitution).

Junior League Rules

Each McIntyre League Club to host a Junior Medal (Stableford format)

Each club can enter up to 4 Juniors, boys and girls.

Stableford format. Bogey 1 point, Par 2 pts, Birdie 3 pts, Eagle 4 pts

Handicap allowance ¾

Best 2 combined stableford points from each club to count.

Competitions to take place on Sunday afternoons, dates listed below.

A total of 6 competitions with the final competition being,

The Junior Presentation Day taking place at the host club 

5/8 Knockout Tournament

Amended 15/12/19

Competing Clubs:-

Cardross – Clober – Clydebank & District – Clydebank Overtoun – Dumbarton – Hayston – Helensburgh – Kirkintilloch  – Vale of Leven – The Carrick – Dullatur – Kilsyth – Bearsden – Hilton Park – Douglas Park – Milngavie

  1. A random Draw will be made to determine four leagues of four teams
  2. Each club will play each other home and away
  3. All ties to play 18 holes with holes up determining the winner
  4. Points to be awarded as follows:-  3 points for away win, 2 points for home win, 2 points for away draw, 1 points for home draw
  5. Top 2 teams with most points in each league go through to quarter finals
  6.  Quarter Final draw will be seeded, home and away format, holes up.
  7. Semi Finals:  home and away format, holes up
  8. Final:  Winner of two semi finals to play on a fixed date at McIntyre host club. If any finalist are from host club a neutral venue will be organised
  9. The competition shall be open only to those members who have attained the age of sixteen years of age and over.

McIntyre League Team Trophy

The Competition shall be a “Texas Scramble”.

It shall be played annually date t.b.c by Host Club

There will be two teams from each club and will consist of:-

a) Scratch player

b) Junior player

c) 5/8 Knockout player

d) Senior player

Handicaps will be as laid down by the rules of golf

A prize fund will be set aside and vouchers will be awarded to the:-

First place

Second place

(For rules of play see Past Captains Trophy)

Past Captains Trophy Texas Scramble Rules

Amended 12.12.2017

Played on a Sunday in August. date t.b.c by Host Club.

All players shall drive off at each tee

A drive shall be selected and shall be marked against the driver on the score card

One persons drive shall be selected and that person shall play the ball as it lies

A peg shall mark the spot

The other three balls shall be placed and played from a circle of six inches radius (150mm) from the peg but not nearer the hole

The same shall apply to all other shots played towards the green

All putts shall be from the position of a selected ball marked on the green

Not more than five drives from the tee, of any one person, shall be the selected drive. (marked on the card)

Stroke allowance shall be 10% of the teams aggregate handicap

At least one Captain, Vice-Captain or Past Captain may be used to make up a team