Last updated  06.07.23

Club Home Played Points Away Played Points Total Points
Cardross 3 4
Clober 4 3
Clydebank & Dist 4 3
Dumbarton 3 4
Helensburgh 4 3
Clydebank Overtoun 3 4
Vale of Leven 3 4
The Carrick 4 3
Week No.1  Wed 22nd May
Clober V Helensburgh
Cardross V Dumbarton
Vale Of Leven V Overtoun
The Carrick  V Clydebank & Dist
Week No.2  Wed 29th May
Dumbarton V Clydebank & Dist
The Carrick  V Cardross
 Clober V Overtoun
Helensburgh V Vale of Leven
Week No. 3 Wed 5th June 2024
Helensburgh V The Carrick
Clydebank & District V Clober
Cardross V Vale of Leven
Overtoun V Dumbarton
Week No.4  Wed 12th June 2024
Clydebank & District V Overtoun
Cardross V Helensburgh
Vale Of Leven V Clober
The Carrick  V Dumbarton
Week No.5  Wed 19th June 2024
Clober V Dumbarton
Vale Of Leven Tues 18th June The Carrick
Helensburgh V Overtoun
Clydebank & District V Cardross
Week No.6 Wed 26th June 2024
Helensburgh V Clydebank & District
Clober V Cardross
Overtoun V The Carrick
Dumbarton V Vale of Leven
Week No.7 Wed 3rd July 2024
The Carrick V Clober
Clydebank & District V Vale of Leven
Overtoun V Cardross
Dumbarton V Helensburgh