1. Name:

It shall be called McIntyre Seniors League and it will be a sub section of The McIntyre League.

2. Objects:

2.1  The objects of the McIntyre Seniors League shall be to foster the game of golf and to bring seniors from the member clubs together in friendly rivalry.

2.2  The McIntyre Seniors League is committed to encouraging the highest ethical standards. All individuals involved in the League should conduct themselves with integrity, transparency, accountability and in a fair and equitable manner.

2.3 The McIntyre Seniors Rules shall determine all issues regarding the playing of the McIntyre Seniors League.

3. Membership:

3.1  The membership shall consist of the Seniors Sections of a number of Golf Clubs, which must be members of The McIntyre League. The current membership consists of 17 Golf Clubs.

3.2  Any increase to the number of clubs admitted to the McIntyre Seniors League will be decided by the member Golf Clubs at its Annual Meeting. New members require to be proposed by one existing member Golf Club and seconded by another existing member Golf Club. A simple majority can approve an additional member Golf Club.

3.3  Any member club may resign from the McIntyre Seniors League by giving 14 days Notice in writing to the League Convenor ahead of the Annual Meeting. Resignation would take place at the Annual Meeting. Any club considering resigning during the season should fulfil their fixtures for that season.

4. Management:

4.1  The affairs of the McIntyre Seniors League shall be conducted by a League Convenor supported by three Committee members, all of whom will be elected at the Annual Meeting.

4.2  The League Convenor and all Committee members must be members of different member Golf Clubs.

4.3  The League Convenor and the Committee shall have full power to deal with all matters relating to the McIntyre Seniors League not reserved to a General Meeting in terms of this Constitution.

5. General Meetings:

5.1 Annual General Meeting:  The McIntyre Seniors League shall hold an Annual Meeting in November of each year with the following objectives:-
Approve the minutes of the previous year’s Annual Meeting. 

  • Receive report from the League Convenor.
  • Elect the League Convenor.
  • Elect the Committee.
  • Elect the Minutes Secretary.                                                                                    
  • Consider changes to the Constitution.                                                                     
  • Consider any changes to the League Rules.                                                            
  • Deal with other relevant business.

5.2  Extraordinary General Meeting:   An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called by an application in writing to the League Convenor supported by at least 20% of the member clubs. The Committee shall also have the power to call an Extraordinary General Meeting by decision of a simple majority of its members.

5.3  Notices 
At least 14 days’ notice and the agenda shall be given to all Club Convenors of any General Meeting. No business shall be conducted unless fair notice thereof is contained in the agenda.

5.4  Voting 
With the exception of changes to the Constitution or Dissolution of The McIntyre Seniors League, decisions put to a vote shall be resolved by simple majority at General Meetings. 
Each member Golf Club has one vote at General Meetings. 
The Chairman of the Meeting shall hold a casting vote at General and Committee Meetings.

5.5  Quora 
The quorum at General Meetings shall be representatives of a minimum of 50% of the member Clubs.

5.6  Changes to the Constitution 
All changes to the Constitution shall be proposed by the League Convenor and a Club Convenor from a different Golf Club, or two Club Convenors. 
A proposal to change the Constitution must be submitted in writing to the League Convenor by a minimum of two Club Convenors. The League Convenor shall circulate the proposal to all Club Convenors and allow seven days for submission of any amendments before calling a meeting in accordance with rule 5.3 above. 
Any changes to the Constitution shall require a two thirds’ majority of those present, eligible to vote and voting at a General Meeting.

6. Finance:

6.1 Subscriptions
All member clubs must be members of The McIntyre League and must pay the annual subscription to that organisation.
Failure to meet these subscriptions for any year will result in the Golf Club being ineligible to compete in the McIntyre Seniors League in the following season.

7. Dissolution:

The McIntyre Seniors league shall be dissolved at the Annual Meeting where such a proposal has been submitted in writing to the League Convenor by a minimum of two Club Convenors a minimum of one month before the date of the Annual Meeting. The League Convenor will circulate the proposal to all Club Convenors. The proposal will be considered at the Annual Meeting. All member Clubs must be represented and all must vote on such a proposal. A minimum of two thirds of the Club representatives must vote for the Dissolution.

League Rules:


  1. Players must have reached 60 years of age and hold a current valid CONGU/WHS handicap.
  2. The maximum course handicap allowed will be 24 with players with higher course handicaps playing off the maximum.
  3. Teams to consist of 8 players playing four ball better ball format at 90% of course handicap with strokes received taken from the player with the lowest playing handicap in the four ball.
  4. Matches will be played strictly in accordance with the R & A Rules of Golf supplemented by local rules in force at the host club.
  5. Play will be from the forward tees.
  6. If a scheduled match cannot be played for any reason, and with the agreement of the both clubs, the two clubs involved should arrange a revised date as soon as possible, and notify the League Convenor of the revised date for the fixture. The rescheduled fixture shall be played no later than 7 days after the final scheduled matches of the season..
  7. A club unable to form a team, of a minimum of 4 players, and which had not arranged a revised date for the fixture with the opposing club, shall forfeit the tie with the league points being awarded to the opposing team as if the match had been played and the result had been 4-0.
  8. League points will be awarded :
    Home Win       2          Away win        3
    Home Draw     1          Away Draw     2
  1. In the event of a match not being played, before the end of the playing season, which is seven days after the date of the final scheduled matches, no points will be awarded to either club, subject to consideration of the circumstances by the league committee.
  2. After match catering will be at the discretion of each individual club.
  3. Other seniors wishing to play shall have the courtesy of the course. The maximum number of courtesies shall be 4.
  4. The result of each match should be sent by email to the League Convenor, by the home club convenor, within 24 hours of the match being played.
  5. The League Convenor will update the website each week with the results of the matches.

Postponed Matches.

  1. An unplayable course or dangerous weather conditions are legitimate reasons for postponements.
  2. Matches must be played as soon as possible after a postponement. The home club should notify the league convenor as soon as possible after the postponement, advising the revised date which has been agreed with the away club.
  3. Any matches which have been postponed, should be played not later than seven days after the final scheduled matches of the league programme.
  4. Where a match has been discontinued due to the course becoming unplayable, or due to dangerous weather, the score for each game in the match shall be counted as:
  5. Where at least nine holes have been completed by all four matches, the score at the time of discontinuance.
  6. Where less than nine holes have been completed by all four matches or where the game has not started, the match will be replayed.       


  1. Where the ill or injured player is not serious, and either needs a rest or is able to get back to the clubhouse on his own, his partner can continue the match, playing his opponents on his own.
  2. Where the player needs assistance, the game should be abandoned.  – Halved game (½ point to each club ).
  3. In the event of a player dying, the match must be immediately abandoned. – Halved match ( 1 league point each club ).

The McIntyre League.

The McIntyre League was formed in 1949 to provide annual competition for the members of Cardross, Clober, Clydebank and District, Clydebank Overtoun, Dumbarton, Helensburgh, and Vale of Leven Golf Clubs.  The Organisation consists of a Scratch league, a 5 to 8 handicap knockout competition, a Seniors league and a Junior league as well as provision for Past Captains and social events.

The Seniors League ( originally the Vets Section )was formed in 1979 and by 1987 several other clubs had applied to join.  Although these clubs were not full McIntyre members they were admitted to Affiliate Membership of the League to allow them to participate in the Seniors League bringing the total numbers of teams to 16.  In 2012 Balmore Golf Club resigned from their Affiliate Membership reducing the number of teams to 15.  Balmore Golf Club subsequently rejoined the league and additionally Dougalston Golf Club was admitted to the league bringing the number of teams to 17 which shall be the maximum number of Clubs in the league.

In 1984 the McIntyre League appointed an administrator with full authority to manage all aspects of the Seniors League on their behalf. This role is currently held by the League Convenor.  The League Convenor will be elected at an Annual Meeting of the Seniors League.

Problems and Suggestions.

Any member clubs of the Seniors League experiencing difficulty in playing  or rearranging a scheduled match should contact the League Convenor who will liaise with members of the committee to consider the circumstances with the aim of finding an amicable solution.

Where a member club would like any changes to the structure of the league or the administration of the league, they should contact the League Convenor with details.  If the club believes the proposed changes are necessary immediately, the League Convenor will call a meeting of all clubs.  If the changes can be initiated in the following season, the proposal will be referred to the Annual Meeting.